Brent Geese (SOLD)


Brent geese never stay still for very long. A flock of feeding geese, seem to tumble over the mudflats in a constant rolling manner. They seem wired with energy and ready at any moment to explode skyward without any given reason.

I had occasion to visit the Bull Island Reserve north of Dublin, a place within the city limits, but a real jewel in natures crown, and a place where birds have become accustomed to the close proximity of human beings. Being a nature reserve, it affords the birdwatcher and artist wonderful opportunities to observe many duck and wader species at very close range.

I had been sketching pintails and teal when a small party of Brent Geese arrived onto the saltmarsh. It was the rich ochre of the Spartina against the greys of the geese that sparked the idea for this loose watercolour.